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Over the last 20 years Babbacombe Beach has become one of the South West's leading diver training and scuba diving venues. The ease of entry, underwater topography and sheltered conditions, combined with the excellent and convenient shore side facilities have made it a household name for diver training organisations throughout the south of England.

Whether you're a training establishment looking for an open water venue or just a buddy pair wanting to have a fun dive, we have everything you need. Car parking adjacent to the site, a cafe to relax and socialise in and, of course, direct entry to one of the prettiest dive sites in the area.

Situated on the South West Coast of England Babbacombe Beach enjoys the relative warmth of the Gulf Stream as it reaches across the North Atlantic bringing a diveristy of widlife and nutrients. The resulting conditions ensure a rich diversity of life unique to this short piece of coastline. The variety and colour can clearly be seen in photographs on this site.

To get the very best out of your visit here are a few tips to help with your planning:

Depths and Currents - Entry from the shore provides a gently sloping sea bed which is strewn with small rocks but easily managed. Once in the water the dive can reach a maximum of around 15m depending on the state of the tide. The tidal range (difference in tide height between high and low water) will vary from as little as 1.5m on Neap tides to approximately 4.5m on Springs. Check the tide times when planning your visit. There or no appreciable currents adjacent to the shore but divers should be aware of a currents up to 1 knot if they venture more than 500m from the beach.

Nudibranches at Babbacombe beachTemperature and Visibilty - Water temperatures range from about 9 or 10 degrees C during the winter months to 18 or 19 degrees in late summer. This is certainly not Stoney Cove! No ice breaking here. Visibilty will vary dramatically but can exceed 15m during calm periods. Note that Easterly winds may seriously reduce visibilty. A good indication can be obtained by viewing our web cam.
Car Parking - There is car parking directly adjacent to the beach and adjoining the cafe. To be sue of a space it is worth arriving early during the peak season and at weekends. The cafe is open from 8.30am during at those times and there's always a warm welcome awaiting you as you prepare for the day's activies.


Babbacombe at it's best

One of the little appreciated benefits of it's Easterly aspect is the sheltered conditions offered by the Bay during Westerly and Northerly Gales. When most other dive sites are 'blown out' you will often find Babbacombe 'open for business'.

During prolonged periods of South Westerly winds the underwater visibility is usually remarkably good.

During the months of April and May the South Coast of England is subject to plankton blooms. This natural phenomenon causes a drop in underwater visibility and it's always worth checking with a local dive facility during those months for an update on the situation. A positive aspect of this event is the arrival of Basking Sharks to the region. These harmless giants feed on the plankton and provide an awesome spectacle for our visitors.

In recent times Babbacombe has become the favourite haunt of a large grey seal. He can often be spotted taking fish from the local anglers on the pier. Whilst these beautiful animals are not known to be aggressive to divers it would be sensible to give him the space and freedom he deserves.

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BBC One Show shows live footage of Cuttlefish in Babbacombe Bay.

Click here to view the Marine Vision Studios video clips and stills of Cuttlefish in Babbacombe Bay.